Clay County Center for Women's Ministries 

"We've been where you are"

This group will meet

Tuesdays @ 6pm

Beginning January 21, 2020

Making Peace With Your Past

A group study that offers practical, biblically-based guidance to lead adults to identify, understand, and come to terms with the feelings and problems of growing up in a dysfunctional family. Participants will understand problems from the past and identify and remove emotional, psychological, and spiritual barriers to fellowship with God.

This group meets once a week for 13 sessions. 

[This is a REQUIRED course if you are interested in applying to become a counseling volunteer.]

$20 fee to cover materials

(scholarships available)

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February - The Month of Love

Calling All Married Couples! Join us every Thursday in February for a FREE four-week series for married couples designed to promote a mutual commitment to growth, health, and happiness in your marriage.

This will be a fun and relaxing atmosphere, no public sharing required. At the end of each informative session, the couples will be given topics that can be taken home and discussed privately.

At the end of the series, a drawing will be held for a special romantic gift for 2!!